Holiday Gift Guide: Travel Edition

The holiday season is almost upon us!

Whoa, 2016 has raced by, hasn’t it? It feels like only a few months ago that we wrote the 2015 guide to gifts for travellers.

It’s always so hard to buy gifts for loved ones – it can really be quite stressful! So we’re trying to help you out. If you’ve got a traveller on your giving list, check out this list. You may also pass this post onto your loved ones to not-so-subtly hint at a gift you’d love to receive!

So, without further ado, here is The Global Couple’s 2016 holiday gift guide!

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Check out this 2016 holiday gift guide for ideas for the traveller in your life!

For the city traveller

Travel umbrella: Who wants to get rained on when they’re on a city break, right? It’s just the worst when you’re dressed nicely to explore Paris or New York and the skies open. Fortunately, New Zealand-designed Blunt Umbrellas are the stylish, but also high performance, solution.

Lonely Planet city guide: Although blogs and other online resources are fantastic for finding out what to do in a city, we still take a Lonely Planet guide with us. Their city guides are comprehensive and give you insider knowledge on lesser known things to do.

For the outdoor enthusiast

Day hiking backpack: There are so many hiking backpacks out there, but we think we’ve found one of the best. The 36L Osprey Stratos (for men) and Sirrus (for women) is super light, comfortable, and lets your sweaty back breathe – always a bonus! We’ve done quite a few hikes with these bags now and highly recommend them.

Filter water bottle: Nobody wants to get a water-borne disease, do they? We have hiked with Clearly Filtered water bottles and filled them up in streams, and we’ve also taken them travelling in Vietnam. These bottles are, without a doubt, brilliant. Check out our blog post about Clearly Filtered’s bottles here.

Check out this 2016 holiday gift guide for ideas for the traveller in your life!

For the photographer

Camera gadgets: We highly recommend the photography gadgets that Peak Design makes. We’ve even written a blog post about their gear! Peak Design’s gear is well-designed and well-made. We especially love the Slide Strap, Shell, and Capture Pro clip.

Drone: The new craze in travel photography is definitely aerial photography. We’d love to get our hands on a drone, but in the meantime we totally recommend that you buy one! Other travel photographers recommend the DJI Phantom 4.

Check out this 2016 holiday gift guide for ideas for the traveller in your life!

Photo credit: Dirk Dallas on Flickr.

For the aspiring travel blogger

Travel Blog Success membership: We credit Travel Blog Success with the growth and expansion of our travel blog. The TBS course is super helpful, giving lessons on everything from technical website stuff to photography to storytelling. The secret Facebook group has been a lifesaver in numerous situations, too! The aspiring travel blogger in your life will absolutely thank you for signing them up.

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