Drone photography in New Zealand – a new perspective

I’ve long been obsessed with drone photography – it’s something about seeing the land from a different perspective. It’s why I always claim the window seat on a plane and why my preferred super power would be flight. I just love getting an aerial view of things. So when we decided to invest in a DJI Mavic Pro drone, I was super excited. One step closer to my flying dreams!


Getting to grips with drone photography

Flying a good quality drone like the DJI Mavic Pro really isn’t that hard. If you’ve ever played video games or had a play on a remote controlled car, then you won’t find it hard at all. It’s when you come to taking video that things become interesting, because you have to think about where and how you’re flying, as well as what the shot looks like on screen! We’re yet to master video but thankfully taking stills is much easier.


The first time we took the drone out was at the Auckland Domain on a perfect day – no wind, blue skies, just stunning. I flew a bit too close to a group doing a bootcamp fitness class (whoops, I really wasn’t spying! Just getting the hang of flying!). Shaun and my brother Patrick were pros from the start – probably something to do with them being males and having many more hours of Xbox experience than me.

It was amazing seeing this little buzzy thing take off and fly around, and all of us were amazed at how easy it was to fly. The best thing is that you can take your hands off all the controls and it just hovers there – so handy.

Exploring our backyard by drone

One of the coolest things about owning a drone is flying it in places we have been many times before, but getting to see it from a whole new perspective. We’ve had our family home in central Auckland for 25 years, but of course we’ve never seen it from the air! Our home looks out on some historic boatsheds, so Shaun flew the drone across the water (I was way too scared) and snapped some awesome shots of the boatsheds. On the way back to base, the drone got attacked by seagulls (over the water, ahh!) but luckily they didn’t hit it and we made it home safe.

Having a drone has made us go out and about in the winter weekends when usually we would hang around home. It’s great to have a purpose to those weekends that would otherwise just disappear! We’ve visited a dam in the Waitakere Ranges, a nature reserve in East Auckland, beaches, and a volcano/military defence area (North Head). Recently we visited our holiday home in the Bay of Islands and flew the drone there. It was stunning, as we expected it would be. We can’t wait to go out to the islands on our boat (it was too windy that weekend) – the beaches are just beautiful so I can’t wait to see them from the air.



We love our drone – it has opened up a whole new world of photography for us and is really fun to use. We totally recommend getting one, but make sure you are careful where you fly!

You can buy the DJI Mavic Pro drone on Amazon. Check out our other camera gear here.

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New Zealand has some spectacular landscapes, so what better way to photograph them than from the air with a drone!

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