Fighting back the beers in Vancouver

We’ve been in Vancouver, BC, for over a month now, so I thought it was about time I updated you on some of the local brews that have taken up residence in my fridge. And I’ll be the first to admit that those beers aren’t in there long enough to really get settled!

According to Beer Advocate, there are 89 breweries in British Columbia, with most of these being located in the wider Vancouver metro area.

I haven’t wasted any time in trying the many beers Vancouver has to offer. So far we’ve visited Granville Island Brewery Co. (located near the Public Market on Granville Island), Main Street Brewing, and The Brewhouse in Whistler. In addition we’ve tried a number of other local brews at home, such as Red Racer IPA by Central City Brewing, Rocket Man Interstellar ESB by Dead Frog Brewing, Big Caboose Red by Fernie Brewing Co., and more.

Granville Island Brewing Co.

Granville Island Brewing Co.

Fernie Brewing Co.

Fernie Brewing Co.

If you find yourself near any one of these breweries, make sure you visit and have a tasting. They offer many different styles of beer and food to match, as well as a great atmosphere of beer lovers. It’s always the right time for a beer!

The Brewhouse, Whistler

The Brewhouse, Whistler

It’s an IPA world here – I’ve noticed that IPA is the most popular craft beer of choice when doing tastings. For some time now I’ve been getting more into IPAs as my tastebuds have adjusted to the North American palate. In New Zealand for the most part, lagers and ales are king, and it’s only recently that IPAs have become more mainstream as the craft beer movement there has taken off.

Back in the 17th Century a beer was brewed in England that was paler than most. This pale colour was due to less smoking and roasting of the barley. Lo and behold, the pale ale! The ‘I’ before the ‘PA’ didn’t appear until the English decided to export beer to India (hence the ‘I’ = India = Indian Pale Ale!). The IPA-style has a higher hop content than other pale ales, and it tended to last the journey to India better than other beers of the time. And so it became a popular style which has continued around the world today. IPAs showcase a brewer’s style and palate and are as such a popular choice today among craft breweries and beer drinkers.

I’m looking forward to trying more of the beers that Vancouver and BC has to offer during our time here.

If you have any suggestions on great beers to try, let me know in the comments section below!



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