The Hamptons, NY: In which we saw enormous mansions

Spring has finally arrived in the Hamptons! We have been here for a couple of weeks now, and it has gone from -10°C and sleet to a tropical 13°C and beautiful sunshine.


The trees are about to unfurl their leaves, and spring flowers are starting to bloom. In winter this place is rather barren-looking – brown/grey trees, grey skies, cold temperatures, grey water… but with some sunshine and a bit of greenery it looks completely different. And being able to go outside without a million layers on is also a bonus! In summer this place will be lovely – the beach is huge.

We have seen some incredible mansions around the Hamptons – the wealth out here is astounding. It’s weird because all of the houses are SO huge that it all starts to lose scale after a while. You’re driving past these behemoths and then you see one that’s slightly smaller, and you think ‘huh, that’s small!’ – but in reality it’s still massive, probably has something like ten bedrooms. Nuts!

We haven’t got a car so we’ve been a bit limited where we can go, seeing as the towns around here are quite spread out. But we’ve made a few trips around, and we especially like Sag Harbor. It’s actually the only place I’ve taken any photos of while we’ve been here, whoops! My excuse is that it has been too cold to take my hands out of my pockets to hold my camera (i.e. I’ve been lazy). I promise that this will change soon! Anyway, here are some photos of Sag Harbor. It’s a quaint little town that looks like something out of England – I guess that’s probably because the Hamptons area was among the earliest British settlements in the northeast USA (I’m pretty sure I read that on a sign somewhere the other day).





P+S xx

PS. When will Americans learn to drink good coffee?! We’re missing NZ’s mean flat whites…



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