A honeymoon in Vietnam – splurge in Hoi An!

When we decided to visit Vietnam for our honeymoon, we knew that we would stay in cheap accommodation much of the time – after all, a $30/night room in Southeast Asia is much better than a $100/night room in New Zealand, so why would you pay big bucks?

But honeymoons being the somewhat fancy holidays that they are known to be, we knew we had to throw in some higher-end accommodation somewhere – and why not! It was our honeymoon after all. We deserved it 🙂


And for those who were wondering, our honeymoon was a year after our wedding, but better late than never right! After all, we hurriedly planned our wedding in a week so we were already in an untraditional-let’s-buck-the-trend mindset.

A honeymoon in Vietnam – where to stay?

We decided that our splurge accommodation would be in Hoi An, a gorgeous little town about halfway down Vietnam’s coastline. Hoi An is home to many super-exclusive resorts, and some less exclusive but still really nice, so we were spoiled for choice.

But where to start and how to choose?

When on your honeymoon you have to splurge somewhere. For us, it was the Hoi An Anantara Resort in Vietnam - and what a great choice it was!

First, we needed to decide between staying in the town or at the beach, which is about 5 km away from town. We’d heard pros and cons about each, but in the end decided on staying in the town as that’s where the majority of the restaurants were – and everyone knows how much we like to eat! 

Enter the Anantara Hoi An Resort. We’d been recommended to stay there after Shaun’s Dad and his partner stayed there the year before and loved it. The Anantara is located about a 10 minute walk from the centre of Hoi An’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed town centre.

And what a great decision it was!

From the moment we arrived we absolutely loved it. From the cold citrusy refreshing towels provided as we checked in as well as the sweet dried coconut (we later bought a bag of it from the local market to take home – it was that good!), to the surprise of an upgraded room and a lovely big bowl of fruit and romantic/cheesy towel swans (see photo below) waiting for us inside – we felt that the staff at the Anantara made such an effort to make us feel welcome.

The location of the Anantara is pretty much perfect. Being on the river it gets nice breezes throughout the day – it was boiling hot when we were in Hoi An so breezes were very welcome! And of course the views over the river are just lovely. The 10 minute walk into town is flat and interesting, with lots of shops and the local market to peruse on the way. The Anantara also provides bikes should you wish to cycle into town or to the beach.

When on your honeymoon you have to splurge somewhere. For us, it was the Hoi An Anantara Resort in Vietnam - and what a great choice it was!

I’ve got to make a special mention of two things: breakfast and the pool.

Breakfast was awesome. It was without a doubt the best hotel breakfast I’ve ever had! There was a massive range of food from toast, muesli, eggs, bacon, and pancakes to a huge array of tropical fruit, to the ubiquitous Vietnamese pho. They even had cronuts! Everything was arranged beautifully and the cà phê sữa đá (Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk, our must-have every morning) was seriously delicious.

When on your honeymoon you have to splurge somewhere. For us, it was the Hoi An Anantara Resort in Vietnam - and what a great choice it was!

The gorgeous pool was fantastic for spending the hottest hours of the day lying beside. Because of the Anantara’s great location, we could go into town in the morning, come back to plop ourselves down beside the pool around lunch time, and then head back into town for drinks and dinner later in the day. The pool is a bit unconventional, a square shape with the deepest point in the middle, but it was the perfect temperature and so serene.

We thoroughly enjoyed our five days staying at the Anantara Hoi An – it was the perfect place to spend the more ‘luxurious’ portion of our honeymoon in Vietnam! We’d recommend for anyone to stay there, whether on a honeymoon or on holiday.

Thanks to the Anantara Hoi An Resort for subsidising our stay. As always, you’ll receive our honest opinion regardless of who is footing the bill! Check out the Anantara Hoi An Resort’s Facebook page here.

What’s the best accommodation you’ve stayed in? Share your recommendations below – we might just try your favourite!

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