Hong Kong: dazzled by city lights

After being in less-developed countries for five weeks, arriving in Hong Kong was an assault to the senses. The size of the sky scrapers, the neon lights, and the sheer amount of people was astonishing.


What a fascinating city – so full on, so many shops, and so much fun! We spent most of the four days we were there walking the streets in the different parts of HK.


There are a number of interesting markets to visit in HK. We visited the Temple Street Night Market, the Ladies Market, and the Apliu Street Electronics Flea Market. All were different and buzzing. The Temple Street and Ladies Markets had more souvenirs and bags, and the Apliu Market was more second-hand electronics (cell phones, cameras, air conditioning remotes etc…).



One of the weirder things we saw was Goldfish Street, where there were dozens of shops with displays of different kinds of fish in bags along the street. I guess fish are a popular pet because of the tiny size of apartments in HK? Or some feng shui reason? Not sure about that one… but it was quite different!



Seeing as we had visited many other temples in Thailand and Myanmar, we decided to add to our Asian religious education and visit the Man Mo Temple in HK. This was a Taoist temple so very different from the Buddhist ones we had seen elsewhere. It was very smoky from all the incense!


One cold night (it was winter when we were there, and freezing when the wind got up!) we shivered on the Kowloon side of the Victoria Harbour, and watched the Symphony of Lights. This is a light show on the buildings on the Central side of the Harbour, accompanied by classical music that you can hear if you’re in the right spot on the Kowloon side. It was cool but a bit underwhelming to be honest! I think we were too cold to appreciate it.


Lots of food in HK is available from street-side meat and vege markets – we walked past lots of meat and fish stores (with fish still alive in polystyrene boxes).



Our four days in HK were a great end to our six week trip – we’d always wanted to go there, and it was great to experience one of the world’s maddest cities.

It was sad to hop on our plane and head back to New Zealand, as the past six weeks have been incredible. It’s so clich√© to say that it was ‘the trip of a lifetime’, but it really was. We saw some amazing sights, met some wonderful people, and shared experiences that we probably won’t have again. We’ll definitely be back to Southeast Asia – we can’t get enough of it!

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