How to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

Pinterest is by far our biggest single referrer – The Global Couple receives about 30% of its traffic from Pinterest! It would seem that we are doing something right on this social media platform as the number of repins and clicks keeps going up and up.

We are focussing much of our energy on promoting our content through Pinterest at the moment, using the strategies we cover below. Apparently, a tweet has a lifespan of about 20 minutes, a Facebook post a few hours, but a pin may keep driving traffic for months! We think it’s worthwhile putting effort into a medium where we are better rewarded for our time.

So, we thought that we would share how we use Pinterest, and hopefully you’ll find some useful tips to take for yourself and apply to your blog!

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Bright, gorgeous images

Everyone loves a great photo, right? You probably wouldn’t click on an image that was of low resolution, out of focus, dull in colour, or just of a boring subject. Images are how Pinterest works – so in order to get your content shared and clicked on, you need to have engaging images. Oh, and try to avoid selfies (unless you’re a beauty blogger or something like that) – nobody really wants to see you on holiday, they just want to see where you went!


Text on pins

People only give pins a split-second look. We all love pretty photos and do repin them often (often to the ‘Dream Destinations’ type of board), but they don’t necessarily drive much traffic to a site if they don’t have a clear description or call to action. For that to happen, you need to tell the pinner what the pin links to and why they should click through. The best way to do this is to put text on your pins – by that I mean directly on the photo.

Writing in the caption is all very well and it’s great to have a longer description of the pin there, but most pinners won’t bother reading the caption. If you have attention-grabbing text on the image though, it might just be enough to stop them for long enough to click through to your site!

We highly recommend using Canva to put text on your images. It’s super easy to use and you can select pre-loaded Pinterest graphic dimensions – and best of all, it’s free!

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Vertical pins

Further to the previous two points, how the pin looks is vital for being successful on Pinterest. Pinterest (on both desktop and mobile) limits the width of a pin but not the height – therefore, having vertical pins (or images that are taller than they are wide) means they take up more space on a pinners feed and have a greater chance of getting noticed. We have found that our vertical pins do way better than horizontal ones! southeast asia backpacking

Great board organisation

Your home page on Pinterest is the first thing people will click on when they follow you. So it needs to look great! It’s a good idea to have your best boards at the top of the page – you can move them by dragging. The first board on our home page links to all of our blog posts, which is where we want people to go most of all. We have heaps of different boards for all of our interests as well as group boards.  pinterest for blogging

Join group boards

One of the best things we suggest about using Pinterest and getting your pins out there is group boards. These boards have multiple pinners sharing pins, and often have far more followers than an individual pinner. For example, the Travel Tips and Advice board by Hecktic Travels has almost 350,000 followers! Our account is nowhere near that large (we can only dream about having that many followers!) and so being a member of this group board is great as it allows our content to get in front of a massive amount of people.

Pinterest sharing groups

We’ve also discovered that sharing groups are a great way to get pins out to a broader audience. We belong to a number of Facebook groups for travel bloggers to share each other’s pins, the most fruitful of which is Pinterest for Travel Bloggers. You’ll have to share other people’s pins of course, but it means that your pin may be shared 50+ times just from the one thread, and you can participate every day if you want to!

Hopefully these tips have helped shed some light on how to successfully use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. We hope it works for you – it certainly has for us! Now for the last thing to do – follow us on Pinterest! And if you share your Pinterest URL in the comments and we’ll follow you back.

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