Montauk, NY: cycling to America’s 4th oldest lighthouse

Montauk is a small town that is situated at the very end of Long Island. We’d heard it was a cute little town with a nice ride out to a lighthouse, so seeing as we are new owners of mountain bikes (thanks Walmart!) we decided to go and explore!


We caught the Long Island Rail Road from Southampton which took about 45 minutes to get to Montauk. First obstacle of the day: getting the ticket out of the slot in the machine into which someone had smushed a giant smelly shit. Ew. Thank goodness for hand sanitiser!


Montauk was a really nice town – little cafes, arty shops, and a great beach. It used to be an artist’s hangout back in the day, and you do get that kind of vibe from the town. This place goes crazy in the summer but fortunately wasn’t too busy when we were there!

mont5 mont4

We decided to cycle 5 miles out to the lighthouse on the tip of Long Island. This lighthouse is the 4th oldest active lighthouse in the country, built in 1796 I think. It was going to cost $9 each to get in, so we just walked around the outside which was just as good as being inside the fence. It was a stunning day (the first day where we haven’t had to wear jumpers!) and there were lots of people out there, including a Mexican family who were cooking some mouthwatering smelling steak on a charcoal BBQ. Drool… And there were even some brave souls surfing! Brrr, still a bit cold for that!





On the way back to the train station we even found a little brewery called Montauk Brewing Co. Shaun loves craft beer so we had a tasting, and the beer was great! We especially liked the Driftwood Pale Ale, which we found at the local supermarket back in Southampton upon our return. Woo! It was a lovely end to a great day.


mont9Thanks Montauk!

P+S xx


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