New York City: falling in love with the Concrete Jungle

New York City. When you think of the Big Apple, you imagine giant skyscrapers, pizza, parks, and bad coffee. Well, it’s all that and more!


This place is insane. We’ve only been here for two days but already we’ve covered heaps of ground, seeing many sites that we thought would take much longer. It’s just so easy to get around on the subway, and walking around is amazing. My Fitbit tells me that we walked 11km yesterday and 10km today!

Times Square was pretty eye-opening in terms of the commercialism there – the size of the stores and the amount of advertising is nuts. And every five steps there’s someone asking if you want a bus tour or a comedy show… got tired of that fairly quickly! I think we prefer less touristy locations.



Our favourite foodie place so far has been Chelsea Market. It’s housed in an old biscuit factory so the walls and ceiling are all exposed brick, and there are heaps of different food stores and restaurants inside. We had a delicious taco alongside celebrity chef Bobby Flay (I didn’t recognise him but Shaun did) and some brownie tasters. Yum!






Running over the Chelsea Market is the Highline, an above-ground park which used to be a railway. It has been converted beautifully, with great paths, seats, and lots of trees (although being still very wintry all the trees looked rather dead!). I can imagine it would be amazing in summer! It was a stunning day so it was lovely to thaw out in the sunshine.





We finished the day walking through Soho and Greenwich Village which were cute little areas with lots of small streets and cool cafes.



On day two, we decided to head downtown. The 9/11 Memorial was pretty humbling, it’s just two great big holes in the ground where the Twin Towers used to be, with all the names engraved around the outside and water tumbling into the holes. It definitely brought back memories of watching the news open-mouthed at age 12 back in 2001.


One of the best free things we have done is the Staten Island ferry, which takes you over the harbour and past the Statue of Liberty to Staten Island. Despite the filthy windows, the view from the ferry was magnificent and it was really cool to see the Statue in real life!



Then it was over to Brooklyn, where we took in the DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) area, which had lots of old brick warehouses that have been converted into artist’s studios, restaurants, cafes, and shops. It had really cute cobbled lanes and yummy burgers for lunch. We walked across the Brooklyn Bridge back to Manhattan in the freezing rain (will have to do it again on a fine day!), but it was still awesome.






We love you already New York!

P&S xx


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