Introducing Pins To Kill – customisable leggings

Confession time.

You know those people who you snigger at because they wear ‘activewear’ as normal clothing, wearing it while going to cafes and shopping?

I’m one of those people. I know, I know.

I love wearing activewear, especially yoga leggings. In my defence, who doesn’t! It’s just so damn comfy!

So when Pins To Kill, a new Australian brand that sells customisable yoga leggings, approached me to help spread the word about their launch, I quickly put my hand up and said yes please!

Pins To Kill

I was so excited when my new leggings arrived in a pretty cylindrical package from Melbourne. I chose the hexagons pattern – they’re so colourful and fun!

The unique thing about Pins To Kill is that you can have any picture you want printed on your leggings. How cool is that! So you could have a photo of your favourite place, your kid’s drawing, or your boyfriend’s face. I’m kidding about that last one. Or, if you would rather, you can choose from their many existing designs – like the hexagon ones I chose.

Pins To Kill

These leggings from Pins To Kill are some of the comfiest I’ve ever worn – and I have had many pairs from the major activewear brands. I’ve hiked in them, worn them to a yoga class, and even gone to the movies in them (I know, don’t judge!).

Yoga leggings are actually one of my favourite travel clothing items – they’re perfect for wearing on planes and buses, and of course for hiking and if you’re getting a bit active on your holiday!

Pins To Kill

The idea behind Pins To Kill is ‘inspiring dream chasers’. Pins To Kill has teamed up with women around the world, from ballerinas to surfers to share their stories and inspire other women to follow their dreams. Their Instagram account is testament to this – it gives me serious wanderlust every time I look at it!

Pins To Kill

Pins To Kill leggings are a fun choice for those of you who love to wear colourful activewear. After testing them in New Zealand’s summer conditions, I highly recommend them! I’m looking forward to keeping an eye on their social media and seeing what designs their users come up with.

You can design your own from February 2 on their website.

Thanks to Pins To Kill for supplying me with a pair of their awesome leggings. As always, you’ll receive our honest opinions regardless of who is footing the bill.

. . .

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