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queenstown from the air


  1. Kate Thorley

    i love you blog so much! ive read everything! haha
    my partner is from nelson and im from brisbane and we are about to head to vancouver in about 2 months. My question is, how did you guys go about visas and insurance and starting a life, ( bank cards, phones, accomadation). im really worried our visas wont be pack in time or we wont get the right insurance.

    • Petra

      Glad you like the blog Kate! The visa is pretty easy to apply for, just search on Google for Canada working holiday visa. Insurance we got through a company here in NZ and it was super expensive but that’s because we had pre-existing conditions. I hear world nomads is good for insurance. Make sure the insurance covers what the visa asks for (it was on the webpage from memory). You set up a bank account when you get there, we went with Scotia Bank and it was easy. Likewise with phones, you can take your current phone and just sign up to an account when you get there. Accommodation was the hardest – maybe get an Airbnb for a few weeks to start and then you can look for a place to rent once you arrive and see where you’d like to live.

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