Under the water: SCUBA diving in Cozumel, Mexico + video

Since learning to SCUBA dive in Koh Tao, Thailand last year, we’d wanted to get back underwater. And what better place to do it than Cozumel, considered as one of the world’s top dive spots! We did a lot of research on good companies to go diving with and decided on Deep Exposure Dive Center. Diving in Cozumel is way more expensive than in Thailand, so we were a bit shocked that we had to pay a total of almost $250 USD for 2 dives each, including gear hire. Ouch! But it was totally worth it. See our awesome GoPro SCUBA video at the end of the post…

On the dive boat

We were picked up at Fiesta Americana’s pier (handy!) by Swordfish, our dive boat for the day. Deep Exposure’s own boat was out of the water so we were heading out with another company, although our Divemaster Roger was from Deep Exposure. Roger was great – he explained things clearly and was very reassuring, and set up all our gear for us too.

We headed south along Cozumel’s coast for about half an hour until we reached our first dive spot, Santa Rosa Wall. Roger told us we would be swimming through tunnels in the reef which sounded a bit scary!

On went the heavy SCUBA gear and off the boat we jumped. The water was refreshing but pleasant, and we headed down to the sandy bottom. We swam over the edge of the reef wall and when you looked down it was just a deep dark blue abyss – Roger had said it was over 400 feet deep (he’d gone down that deep and still hadn’t gotten to the bottom). Jeepers!

At the surface

Coral formations on the Santa Rosa Wall

Suddenly, out of the blue came a beautiful sea turtle! He was heading to the surface at quite a pace so we didn’t manage to get a good photo, but it was awesome to see him. The coral formations on the wall were really pretty, and there were lots of sponges, fish, and other critters. A huge grouper swam right through our group – it was probably about a metre long.

All good on the Santa Rosa Wall

Next, we headed into the scary tunnels Roger had mentioned. It was quite a challenge maintaining neutral buoyancy to try not to hit the walls and ceiling of the tunnels and to avoid knocking corals off with our fins. It was lots of fun swimming through them though, and not as scary as it first sounded.

Fins in a tunnel

Looking up

The rest of the dive was great, and we saw a tiny flounder, a puffer fish, and lots of other fish whose names I don’t know. Unfortunately Shaun ran out of air about 15 minutes earlier than I did so he didn’t get to see the second turtle (this one was only a few metres away from me!).

We had an hour on the surface and were provided with a yummy Mexican lunch while the boat headed to the next dive spot. This site was shallower and not as interesting as the first, but we still had a good time and got some good photos. It was cool getting up close to a lobster!


Pretty coral


Curious lobster

The current was really strong so we couldn’t stay down as long. We got back on the boat and headed back to Fiesta Americana’s pier, and spent the rest of the day sunbathing and relaxing. Cozumel is good for that! It was heaps of fun going diving again, and it was great to have such good visibility of about 25 m (compared to the 7 m visibility at Koh Tao last year!). We’d definitely recommend Deep Exposure and Roger, they were fantastic.

Take a look at our SCUBA Cozumel video taken on our GoPro:

Here’s the link to the video on Youtube.

We’d love some recommendations on where to go diving – anywhere in the world! Leave your comments in the box at the end of this post.

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