Cooling down with Thailand’s beer

As most of you who know me would know, I do like the odd tipple – especially when it comes to beer. So I thought I’d give you all a little inside information from on the ground in Bangkok.

So Thailand has three main beers – Singha, Chang and Leo. All three are lagers, as I don’t believe they have much of a market for much else here. As long as it’s cold and cheap the punters will drink it here.


There isn’t a lot to tell you about these beers, they are very similar to one another. Some are more bitter than others – Chang of the three is a lot less bitter but lacks in flavour, while the other two are slightly more bittery, but lets be honest aren’t that flavoursome.

Singha would be my pick of the crop, it’s still a damn nice beer for just over a dollar a bottle – who can really complain?

Glass bottles are cheaper than cans here and can just about be brought from anywhere. The cheapest I have found are from a 7/11 (convenience stores) for about 38 baht roughly $1.50NZ. The best thing is about the 7/11 is they will open it for you and you can then walk the streets shopping. The price will vary between restaurants and street stalls but most have been around 90 baht for a small bottle and 120 for a large bottle. This is around the Khao San Road area where prices are likely to be higher because it’s touristy.

So grab yourself a cheap brew and have a 120 B ($5) foot massage – preferably at the same time, and watch the world go by in wonderful Bangkok!


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