Building a tiny house

Introducing… Pip the Tiny House!

For a long time now I (Shaun) have wanted to build our very own tiny house. It all started with our first campervan we built but it quickly grew into a obsession when I learnt about the tiny house movement.

As a builder I’ve always built or renovated other people’s homes, most of which are the complete opposite of tiny. And most have rooms that never even get used.

This is how the idea of Pip (Perfect in Proportion), our tiny house, was born. We decided to think differently.

Lately the only thing that seems to be talked about between our friends, not to mention in just about every form of media is Auckland’s unaffordable house prices – at the moment the median house price is about nine times the average income. And there is no denying it sure is unaffordable – I’m a builder who can’t afford to build his own house!

We too got swept up in the craziness of not wanting to be left behind, with countless people telling us that if you don’t get into a house now, you will never get in. And before long we too were going to auctions and walking away from yet another house that sold for twice what it was worth.

We soon began to realise that we really didn’t want the big house with the gigantic mortgage to match it. All we needed was something to call our own and size was not important.

The average house built in New Zealand these days is over 200 square metres and consists of 4 to 5 bedrooms and two to three bathrooms with an average mortgage length of 30 years.

Pip the tiny house comes in at a whopping 8.6 square meters – to put it into scale, about the size of a new house bathroom. While it might be small it won’t lack anything we need to live a comfortable life – everything will just be smaller. It will still have a kitchen, lounge/dining room, a bedroom, and a bathroom.

How? You might be thinking… So are we! Keep an eye out for our updates as our project progresses, and follow our new Instagram account where we will be sharing Pip’s progress. And we’d love to know of any tiny projects that you are undertaking!