8 travel blogs you should be following

All bloggers have a list of other blogs they follow – whether it’s for writing and photography tips, travel inspiration, or just because these bloggers seem like cool people.

8 travel blogs to follow

We have our own list, and so we thought it was about time that we told you who our favourite bloggers are. We love blogs that feature fantastic travel photography, interesting stories, and posts that make you just want to pack your bags and go!

travel blogs to follow

Young Adventuress

Liz isn’t afraid of what people think of her, and it really comes out in her blog posts. Her writing is ballsy and hilarious, and we love keeping up to date with where she is in the world, as well as her ever improving photography – her Instagram feed is one of the best around, we think. We love that Liz has decided to call Wanaka, New Zealand home for the next few years – it’s awesome kudos for such a big travel blogger to want to make a nest (for now) in little old NZ!

Alex in Wanderland

Alex’s blog was the first travel blog we discovered when we were planning our Southeast Asia trip in 2013. Her blog actually gave us the information needed to start The Global Couple! Alex in Wanderland is all about great photos (and especially fantastic underwater photography) and stories while Alex is travelling the world. Her coverage on SCUBA diving in Koh Tao, Thailand was what made us head there to do our Open Water qualification. Since then, we’ve followed Alex through Southeast Asia, Europe, Central and South America, and her home country of the USA.

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Hecktic Travels

Dalene and Pete are Canadian globetrotters who have recently wowed us with images from the Faroe Islands, South Africa, and Tanzania. They’re currently in New Zealand on their first trip here (lucky them have a house-sit in Wanaka). Their funny, charming, and interesting stories, as well as great photography make us tune in frequently to see what they’ve been up to. We also love their website design!


Lesh and Jazza are two awesome Aussies. They are travelling overland from Southeast Asia to South Africa over the period of a couple of years, and they’re currently in Mongolia. What a cool adventure! Their photography just keeps getting better and better, but it surely helps with them visiting crazy amazing destinations – they have visited some of the biggest caves in the world in Vietnam, and have done the ‘most dangerous hike in the world’ in China. We love following their journey and getting inspiration to rough it a bit more on our next trip!

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To all our friends and followers – Today sadly marks the end of the epic NOMADasaurus Southeast Asia Motorcycle Adventure. It has been a fascinating, gorgeous, and at times stressful, journey which we never expected to take part in. Who would have thought that our absent-minded internet search in Luang Prabang, Laos over 7 months ago would turn into one of the most incredible experiences of our entire lives. Today we rode into the town which we will now call home for the next 2 months (announcement on where that is tomorrow), and Gonzo and Disco will now be parked up and put on the market. Here are a few stats on our adventure: Bikes: 2 Days: 223 Kilometres: 14'000+ Countries: 3 Border Crossings: 3 Accidents: 0 Near Death Experiences: At least 10. Injuries: 2 (Alesha – Minor Exhaust Burn, Jazza – Stubbed Toe) Dropped Bikes: Jazza – 3, Alesha – 1 Animals Hit: Jazza – 1 Buffalo, Alesha – 1 Chicken, 1 Dog Major Breakdowns: 0 Minor Breakdowns: 2 (We managed to ride away) Police Fines: 0 Stopped By Police: 0 Bamboo Boat Trips: 3 Times We've Been Lost: Too many to count Mechanic Visits: 40+ Times Lesh Has Sworn At Jazza: 723'000 Kids Who Waved At Us: Thousands! Most Number Of Days Without Seeing Another Westerner: 8 Thanks to everyone who we met on the way, who we shared beers and laughs with, who we offered advice to and who we received it from. We would also like to thank everyone who followed along on our (mis)adventures, contacted us and egged us on. Now it's time to go have a few cheeky beers to celebrate! #cambodia #laos #vietnam #motorbike #adventure #vietnammotorbikeadventure

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This American Girl

Camille’s blog is a more recent acquisition to our ‘must-reads’ list. She writes truly inspirational posts about how travel changed her life – and how it can change yours too. Camille has a simple lifestyle and makes you realise what you really don’t need. Her posts are well worth reading if you’re thinking of travelling more and potentially making travel a full time thing!

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A few days ago I shared with all of you How I Afford a Life of Constant Travel, And You Can Too. In that post I share lots of advice for how to financially sustain a life of constant a travel. But how do you get started when you’re flat broke? When you’ve got nothing saved? When your feet are so itchy you can barely stand still, but you’ve got absolutely no financial reserves to get up and go? If there’s one thing I’ve learned in three and a half years of travel, it’s that nothing, literally nothing, is impossible. So today, I’m here to tell you, that even if you’ve got absolutely no money at all, you could pack up your bags and set off to travel the world tomorrow. You can live as if you won the lottery, even when you’re flat broke. Here is how: http://www.thisamericangirl.com/2015/06/10/travel-with-no-money/

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Legal Nomads

Jodi was a lawyer, and is now a nomad – hence the name Legal Nomads. She loves food and most of her posts are about the different food she eats on her travels around the world. Some of our favourite content is from when she was in Vietnam – the street food there looks amazing!

Stoked for Saturday

Jenna and Jordan are Canadians currently residing in Wellington, New Zealand. They are always ‘stoked for Saturday’ and really make the most of their weekends, heading away from Wellington for hikes and mountain climbing. Their photography is insanely awesome and they have a drone (swoon) that makes for some epic videos. We love discovering new places in our home country to visit through their blog, as well as beautiful landscapes in other countries (their posts about Tasmania got us to put it on our bucket list!).

Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren’s blog is a hilarious compilation of her travel stories – she seems to have incredibly bad luck but writes about it in a light hearted way that makes you laugh out loud. We’re quite glad we don’t seem to have as bad luck as she does! We love her recent posts about Myanmar, one of our favourite countries.

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More Bagan awesomeness!

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So there we go! We hope you liked our list of our favourite bloggers, and maybe you’ve found some new ones to follow.

Can you recommend some bloggers for us to follow? We’re always on the lookout for more – leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Love that you’ve shared this wonderful group of bloggers with the world! I also love the inspiration that comes from Camille and am enamored with the things that Legal Nomads is doing. I feel like they’ve lit a fire under the digital nomad movement.

    There are so many bloggers out there these days and it’s so rare that people spread the love like this. Thanks for sharing this list, Petra and Shaun! I’ve been compiling my own list and have added you guys to it, along with the ones you’ve included here:)

    I’ll throw Nerdnomads for their awesome posts and great layout, and Ryan from Blogging From Paradise for his wonderful networking ability as well as great content:) Oh, and you can stop by mine as well! I love to connect!

    Take care Petra and Shaun!

  2. Hello,

    I like your article very much. Its really helpful for me because I have travel website. I will these all travel blog so I will get some good information related to my website.

    Damien McConnell

  3. Wow, there’s another Camille blogging? I have to check her out! I already follow most of the others, and I would also recommend Heart My Backpack, I just love Silvia’s writing!

  4. This is the kind of article that will surely get the interest of people who love adventures. Following blogs with the same interest and reading their weekly or monthly post are some of the favorite past time of outdoor people.

  5. Thank you for sharing the Insightful information! It´s really important that travellers recognise responsible ways of travelling.
    I’m always on the look out for articles to add to the list on relevant topics.

  6. Lee

    Thanks for the awesome collation of blogs, I did a scree run myself as per Stoked for Saturdays, was soooo much fun but hurt for days after, haha. Have been checking out Legal Nomads often in the past so glad you also like them. My itchy feet taking back to SE Asia to live permanently as I love it so much. Been back for 3 years after 8 years living abroad but time to head out again, too much fun to be had!
    ps. Love NZ, my favourite place is Rotorua, the caving and gravity carts are just too much fun!

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