Travel Gadget Review: Nonda Zus Smart Car Charger

One of the major problems with technology is that it has batteries that need to be charged. One day, I hope that smartphones and the like won’t need to be plugged in at all – wouldn’t that be magnificent? It would make travelling so much easier!

But that’s still a little while away I’d say. In the meantime, we’ve got to use chargers. For people like us who do lots of road trips, finding a good car charger for our many electronic gadgets can be rather challenging. Some of them just don’t work all that well!

Enter the Nonda Zus.


Dun dun dun!

When Nonda approached us about sending us a product to review, I’ll admit that I wasn’t all that excited. I mean, how different could a USB car charger be to the one I already had?

But we said sure, why not – and the Zus arrived shortly afterward.

On the outside, the Zus looks much like any other car charger with 2 slots for USB cables. But one awesome function of the Zus is that it helps you find your car when you’ve been out shopping.

Yes. How cool!

The Zus connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and remembers where your car was when the engine turned off. Using the app you can locate your car on a map and when you want to return it will guide you back to your car using an arrow and distance guide. This is a very useful function for people like me who always forgets where my car is in giant parking lots outside malls.

The only downside of the locator function is that it doesn’t work in multi-storey or underground carparks, presumably because it uses GPS to locate itself (and GPS only works outside). In a city like Auckland, much of our parking is in multi-storey buildings or underground so this is a bit of a pain, but the function is definitely useful in outside parking lots!

In terms of charging power, the Zus charged our two iPhones really fast – both of them were plugged in at the same time and started with less than 10% battery charge, and it took less than an hour to get to full charge. Very impressive!

So we would recommend the Zus to road trippers who want to charge their gadgets quickly and also anyone who doesn’t like losing their car in a car park! Who wants to be that panicked looking person at the mall wandering around trying to remember where your car is. Embarrassing!

The Nonda Zus is currently on sale for $29 USD on Amazon – buy it here.

Thanks to Nonda for sending us the Zus for this review. This post contains affiliate links that, at no additional cost to you, earn us a small commission that helps keep this site up and running! Thanks for your support.

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