Surviving Fiji’s worst ever tropical cyclone

Travel puts us in many different situations, doesn’t it? Some are situations that you definitely wouldn’t experience at home. It can be an amazing and humbling experience realising the force of nature and how small we are.

Shaun was in Fiji for work recently when the small island nation was hit by the most powerful tropical cyclone it has ever experienced.

Tropical Cyclone Winston

Category 5 (the strongest category) Tropical Cyclone Winston hit Fiji on February 20 2016 with such force that it cut all communications to most of the outer islands for a number of days. Communities were devastated, with whole villages flattened, 44 people dead and scores more injured by falling trees and flying debris.

Cyclone winston

The maximum wind gusts during the cyclone were a whopping 325 km/hr. Shaun said it felt like the walls and roof of his bure were going to cave in all around him, the wind was so fierce.

Shaun was on a small island close to where the eye of the cyclone passed (the wall of the eye is where the strongest winds are). He managed to get his GoPro out before the worst of the storm hit and filmed some amazing footage. It’s amazing that nature can be so powerful – it really makes you stop and think about how insignificant we are!

(Excuse the language!)

During the cyclone where Shaun was, most of the trees were stripped of their leaves, trees fell onto buildings, roofs were lifted, and water and power lines were damaged.

What an experience – I’m more than glad that he made it home safe and sound but how awesome is it to get this incredible footage of such a ferocious storm!

Fiji has a massive effort ahead of them to get back on their collective feet following this destructive storm. We’ve donated via Unicef and there are many other international aid agencies that will gladly accept financial assistance.

Experiencing a massive tropical cyclone doesn’t happen every day. When Shaun was in Fiji and Tropical Cyclone Winston hit, he filmed some amazing footage!

Have you ever been caught in a huge weather event while travelling? What was it like? Share your comments below!

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