29 photos that prove Myanmar is simply amazing

It’s no secret that we adored Myanmar. On this blog we’ve written about the trek that changed our lives, zooming around temples in Bagan, and braving the dust in Mandalay.

As Southeast Asia’s least touristy country, it feels different to the rest of the region – no salespeople pushing products in your faces, no touts, and fewer foreigners than neighbouring countries. Of course, this is changing quickly – and we expect it already has since we visited in late 2013.

So if you want a more ‘authentic’ taste of Myanmar, head there soon. You won’t regret it – we promise.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos from our trip there and start dreaming!

Dreaming of Myanmar

One must-do in Myanmar is a longboat day trip on Inle Lake. You’ll visit floating villages, stinky markets, and incredible temples.

photos of myanmar

On the trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake, we met many people from different tribes. This girl is from the Pa’O tribe.

photos of myanmar

Also encountered on the Kalaw-Inle Lake trek, these kids loved the bubbles that we blew from liquid we brought with us. Simple pleasures, right?

Kids chasing bubbles

The glittering Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is the most revered temple in all of Myanmar. It is a goal of all Buddhist Burmese (89% of the country!) to visit Shwedagon at least once in their lives.


The mighty water buffalo is an essential component of every farmer’s life. They’re used for ploughing and towing carts, among many other uses.


We came across this woman on the Kalaw-Inle Lake trek. She was sifting rice that was left on the ground from the threshers who had been there before her.

Woman sifting rice

We came across these cheeky young monks on our first day of the Kalaw-Inle Lake trek. They enjoyed practicing their English with us.

U Bein Bridge is the main attraction in Mandalay. It’s the longest teak bridge in the world and is just stunning at sunset. It gets busy though!


The trains in Myanmar are phenomenally slow. No wonder these women looked pretty bored when we came across them on the trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake!

Waiting for the train to leave

The temples at Indein near Inle Lake (accessed on the longboat trip) are so impressive they warrant two photos. Unfortunately, as in much of Myanmar, these lovely old crumbling temples are being ‘restored’ to look like brand new ones – a sad truth.

This monk was in a little settlement along the trek we did. I loved the contrast of the green doors with his crimson robes.


On the trek, we walked through many fields of vegetables – this pretty field was growing mustard seed!

travel budgeting

Markets in Myanmar are full of interesting scenes – especially for a photographer! This lady was de-scaling and filleting fish in Bagan’s wet market.

visiting markets

How’s that for an overladen boat? This man on Inle Lake was collecting lake weed, presumably to use as fertiliser.


Mandalay’s streets buzz with activity and are filled with amazing produce. The old trishaws are everywhere, too!

visiting markets

Another scene from Mandalay’s street markets – dried whole fish (foreground) and dried ground fish (background). It made for a very smelly street!

visiting markets

People come from across the world to see Bagan’s plains of temples. There are over 2000 temples in the relatively small area – it’s very impressive. Sunrise and sunset are the best times to see the temples!


We loved wandering around Yangon’s street markets – there were always interesting things to see.

visiting markets

Here’s another fisherman on Inle Lake. It’s amazing how they balance on such narrow boats!


This candyfloss seller was standing outside a school waiting for the kids as they finished for the day. We encountered this cute munchkin on the trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake.

It’s humbling to see the expressions on children’s faces when you give them something as simple as slices of an orange.


Kids are the same throughout the world when it comes to pulling silly faces!


These trucks were spotted all over the country – who knows what they started out like but it looks like they have been stripped down to a minimum!


Sunset on Inle Lake as seen from a longboat – bliss!


This poor kitten got stuck amongst the monks as they went to get their morning meal at a monastery near Mandalay.


Have we convinced you that Myanmar is simply amazing? We sure hope so! Visit this country before it goes the same way as Thailand – it’s going to happen very quickly, unfortunately. The people are amazing, the food is great, and the sights are second to none.

Let us know if you have any questions about Myanmar and we’ll answer as best as we can!

Which photo is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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