Top 20 gift ideas for travellers

We all know a traveller – someone who relishes in buying the smallest-possible-moisture-wicking-compressable-insect-repellent-infused item of clothing, or geeks out over the number of zip pockets on a backpack.

I’m unashamed to say that I’m one of those people!

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Are you stuck for what to buy for your travel-obsessed friend? Never fear - we've asked travellers what their favourite piece of gear is!

You might find it hard to buy a gift for travellers in your life, so The Global Couple is here to help! We asked travel bloggers to tell us their favourite piece of travel gear that they have ever bought or been given. We received heaps of answers so here is the top 20!

Top 20 gift ideas for travellers

You can click on the links to purchase items through Amazon (they are affiliate links which, at no cost to you, earn us a small commission that helps to keep this site up and running).

So without further ado, here’s the list!

P.S. we’ve also got a list of our favourite travel gear and electronics on this page.

Electronics and photography gear


My Kindle! I am a lover of real 3D books but when traveling for a long period it’s not practical to carry books. A Kindle can hold thousands, holds its charge for long flights and weighs next to nothing! – Megan from Forks and Footprints. Dave from Travel Dave also suggested his Kindle.

I take most of my photos from my phone, so the Mini Photojojo iPhone lenses have been really helpful – they are small enough to carry around, attach via magnets and help take more interesting photos! My favourite is the wide angle lens, especially useful for tight spaces and street art – Jaclynn from The Occasional Traveller.

My Caterpillar S40 smartphone – I’ve been through my fair share of phones and other gadgets in my time, but when I started traveling, more of my expensive gadgets started to become, quite unintentionally, disposable, which is why I’m so happy that I finally have an indestructible toy that does it all! – Jonathan from Two Monkeys Travel Group.

My Joby Gorillapod was the perfect birthday gift for this camera-toting traveler! These tripods are lightweight and can be packed nearly anywhere. I love that I can wrap it around a tree when I’m hiking in Switzerland, around a stop sign in the city, or just stand it up on the ground – Ashley from My Wanderlusty Life

Hands down my most useful piece of travel gear is my portable battery pack, it holds enough battery power to charge your iPhone multiple times, and you can charge anything with a USB! Not only is it perfect when you are on a long journey or out and about and your phone or camera dies but in a hostel dorm you can charge your phone without having to leave it on the floor! You can even charge your stuff and have it in a locker! – Nic from The Roaming Renegades.

Travel scales! At first my wife made fun of me for getting a set of travel scales but they have proven themselves to be so handy. They’ve paid for themselves in the savings from excess baggage charges – Jim from Mr and Mrs Romance

Our latest favourite travel gear gift has to be the Sports Action Camera I bought for my 10 year old son. It helps with our travel blogs and he just loves it – Ruth from ExploraMum

I love my credit card charger! It actually will fully charge my smart phone, but is super slim to fit inside my wallet wristlet (which can also hold my phone). So, no matter where I am, (restaurant, party, etc) with only my wallet (not a big pocketbook, carry on, or camera bag) – I can juice up my phone when it’s running low on power. – Lee from Eat Travel Cook

We had to buy a MyBunjee phone restrainer with our travel insurance and we literally can not live without it now. It’s a real lifesaver for our iPhones while travelling, protecting from pick pockets, dropping, leaving on a table etc. – Katherine from Travel in the Mix

Health & beauty

Coconut oil! It’s unbelievable how many different uses this miracle has. A few of my favourites – body lotion, anti frizz for my hair, shaving oil, lip balm, massage oil, cooking & baking – Maya from Travel With The Smile

Colgate Wisps (disposable toothbrushes). After a long flight or overnight bus ride, brushing your teeth can make you feel human again and re-energize you for the day, and Wisps don’t require water so you can use them anywhere, anytime – Rebecca from The Girl and Globe

As a female traveler, I can no longer live without the Diva Cup as a substitute for tampons. It makes traveling easier on the my most dreadful time of the month because it cancels out the hassle of changing in uncomfortable public restrooms as it only requires to be changed every twelve hours – Erica from Girl Unspotted. Lucinda from Finding Freddie also suggested a Diva Cup.

I am a huge fan of my water filter bottle. It is a light refillable waterbottle with a straw inside that is a filter for 99% of all bacteria. When hiking or travelling through the world I love this bottle as I can drink any kind of water, from tap to puddle, without danger of getting sick – Gundel from Thoringi

Bags & packing


My Speedo Swimmer backpack. It might not seem like a travel item, but these athletic bags allow you to fit what seems like everything imaginable in them and easily carry on your back, A decade later it’s travelled across Europe twice and all around the US – Megan from Traveling Nine to Fiver

My STM Impulse laptop bag. I was slyly given it at the end of Tbex a few years ago, after talking with the guys about how I just wanted a camera bag, that doesn’t look like a camera bag, but has lots of functionality, is comfortable, and looks professional to boot (yes, I’m picky). It’s been the greatest piece of equipment yet. I can fit my camera gear and laptop in it, even full it looks small, it’s surprisingly roomie inside, and very lightweight and comfortable. It’s seriously the best bag I’ve ever owned. Dani from Going Nomadic

Can’t live without packing cubes, because how else would I pack my suitcase in less than 5 minutes when switching hotels every 3 nights? – Kelly from Kelly Ella Maz

My favourite travel gear is: the Ostrich pillow light. My Ostrich pillow light is my most all time trusted travel companion. It is super soft and allows me to fall asleep everywhere – plane, train, noisy dorms, bus, … It is light-weight and I can’t travel without it anymore! – Viktoria from Chronic Wanderlust

A silk sleeping bag liner. I bought it in 1997 on my very first backpacking trip in Vietnam and traveled with me since then the half of the globe. I use it in hostels, when hotel rooms are not that clean, in trains, you name it. You can pack it so tiny and makes you feel so comfy. Kisgyorgy from Travellina

Inflatable globe. We use it to plan our journey along the way and deflate it for packing – Michael from Changes in Longitude

And of course, one from us: our trusty Swiss Army Knife comes everywhere on our travels. It has a multitude of tools, including two knife blades, scissors, tweezers, corkscrew, screwdriver, bottle opener, and a toothpick. It has been used many a time to open that all-important bottle of beer or to cut sticking plasters for cuts and scrapes on the road.

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas for what to buy your traveller friend (or yourself!). If you have any other great ideas, please share them in the comments section below!

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